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Wellness Wednesday- Standing Abs

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Move or the Universe Will Make You- Lessons Learned

  My Daddy “I had to make you uncomfortable, otherwise you never would have moved.” Universe Well Universe, congratulations.  You’ve made me, and the remainder of mankind, inconceivably uncomfortable!    Have you ever felt like a black cloud has been following you?  That everywhere you turn, lady luck is giving you the middle finger?  And just when you think your year could not get any worse, you find out that rock bottom has an underground bunker!  This pretty much sums up 2020 for me—and I’m sure the same could be said for many of you. In addition to the state of our country due to the pandemic, unemployment, fires and social unrest to name a few—I lost both my Grandmother and Father within a few months of each other.   It’s like the Universe is saying, “Look Sissy, you’ve become complacent.  Time to shake things up.”   It is said that out of every tragedy—out of every failure—there is a lesson to be learned.  And out of every lesson learned, there is growth—there is movement.  Is th

Friends Are Like Diamonds- Precious and Rare

Due to the death of my Father this week, I will not be posting any videos this week.  Be sure to subscribe so that you can get future articles and videos.  Thanks to everyone for your kind condolences and well-wishes.   Have you ever heard of the saying, “Friends are like diamonds, precious and rare?” In truth, diamonds aren’t particularly rare; in fact, they are the most common precious stone available on Earth. It is the carat, color, cut and clarity of the stone that determines its value. Another words, it’s the quality of the diamond that makes it both precious and rare. The same can be said of friends. You can have a large amount of people in your life you may define as friends, but the most precious of them—are in fact-- rare.  It is said, “A good friend will help you move, but a RARE friend will help you move a body.” I know. I know. That’s a bit extreme. But, if you are lucky, you will be blessed with a friend who would do virtually anything for you—minus accessory to murder of

The Empathetic Leader

Being an Empathetic Leader is more important now than ever.  Find out why empathy is so important in leadership and how you can become a more empathetic leader. Before you leave be sure to subscribe.  

Wellness Wednesday- Leg Day!

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There is No Excuse for Excuses

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Wellness Wednesday- Chest, Back, Obliques

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Have You Heard? Gossip in the Workplace

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Workout Wednesdays- Bi's, Tri's and Shoulders- It's All About Form

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This Is Personal- What Role Do You Hold in Your Family?

  (This was a few years ago- we really need a new one)  Left:  Oldest (Jason), Middles (Jeana and Vern), Baby (Ben) Are you the first, middle or baby of the family?   Typically, in the hierarchy of families, the oldest child is the leader.   They are the one that experienced all the firsts with their parents.   They are the ones who have 50,000 photos of their first year alone.   They are also the ones who paved the way for their younger siblings to enjoy some freedom—by wearing down their parents with their teenage hijinks. In my family, I hold a unique place.   I am a middle child, but the only girl of four.   Typical of families of my generation, the girl of the family was the princess and treated as such—mostly by their Daddy.   My Dad was old school and the boys were certainly treated differently.   I wouldn’t say loved any less, but given less outwardly affection for sure.   I was the apple of my Daddy’s eyes and we held a very special bond—and still do.   That being said, his