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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

         (Packing up my office- Last day is June 3) ‘Sweet, so would I Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing. Good night, good night!   Parting is such sweet sorrow.’   (Act 2, Scene 2) Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet The above scene, from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet , is arguably one of the most famous in American literature.    Juliet uttered the most recognized line, ‘Parting is such sweet sorrow’ to her star-crossed lover, Romeo as they said good night.   What makes that specific line so fascinating is that ‘sweet sorrow’ is an oxymoron.   How can something be both sweet and sorrowful?   In the context of this scene, Juliet is expressing the feeling of sorrow at their parting, but the anticipation of reuniting the next day is so joyful, it is worth the pain of separation. I think this feeling of ‘sweet sorrow’ translates beautifully in many experiences we have throughout our personal and professional lives.   In our personal lives it could be a time whe
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Happy Mother's Day- Good Moms Let You Lick the Beaters

“Ma… Mommy… Mum… Mother… Madre…,” my son rattles off—just in case I forgot my lot in life.    “Yes, Master Mason, what can I have the pleasure of doing for you today?” I mom castically respond. “Do you know where my keys are?” he asks.   I state the obvious, “Did you look?” “Ya, but you can find anything,” he states.   “Can you just help me?”   After asking him where he last saw them and backtracking his steps, his keys were found within minutes in his discarded jeans from the night before. “See mom, you can find anything!” he smiles as he grabs his keys and saunters away. I stand there for a moment with hands on my hips—like us moms like to do—in silent recognition that I was duped again by the child I chose to give life to. In celebration of Mother’s Day, I’d like to dedicate this article to all the moms out there “who can find anything!”   When we think of moms, we think of nurturer, supporter, caretaker, housecleaner, cook, nurse, and referee—among many other job

About Face: What Your Expressions May or May Not Be Saying About You

  (Left:  RBF,  Right, Neutral) “Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.”- Janet Lane If you have ever seen Kristen Stewart from the Twilight franchise on the red carpet or in an interview, she has an expression on her face that lacks much movement or change.     If her expression could speak it would say, “I’d rather be anywhere in the world than right here with you!” It ranges from a look of unnerving disinterest to a look of utter annoyance.      In 2013, a meme took over the Internet giving the expression , or lack thereof, a name—Resting *itch Face (RBF).     An unflattering description that is usually (unfairly) assigned to women, RBF can be off-putting particularly when it comes to first impressions.     Many inflicted with RBF complain that they are being wrongly judged and in most cases that is in fact true.   But regardless of intent, RBF makes others feel as if they are the ones being judged.    RBF is different from a purposeful frown, sco

Laughter IS the Best Medicine and I Can Prove It

  "There is little success where there is little laughter."- Andrew Carnegie How many times have you heard the saying, “laughter is the best medicine?”  This is a metaphor used over and over again when describing the benefits of laughter.   But guess what?  It’s true—and science backs it up.  In fact, research shows that laughter releases the brain chemical serotonin (a mood stabilizer often lacking in those of us who suffer from anxiety and depression) and endorphins (the feel-chemical in our brain that responds to pain and stress.)  Laughter increases our heart rate, burns calories, improves our focus and reduces the negative effects that stress has on our body and mind. I don’t remember when “joking around” became the norm for me.  Believe it or not, I was an incredibly shy young girl.  Raised with all brothers, I did have to develop different types of defense mechanisms and teasing and joking became one of them.  There was something powerful about laughing my way out of s

If It Doesn't Fit-- You Must Acquit (and let it go)

  Why do we hold on to people, places and things that limit our growth?  From relationships that no longer serve us, to guilt for things we can’t change, to grudges whose cause have long been forgotten, we fail to “let it go.” It’s time to clean house!   And we are going to start by unloading all the unnecessary baggage we hold on to that clutters our thinking and our lives.   A couple of weeks ago I had a yard sale.   I decided to finally purge my closet of all the clothes that were in the “one day I will fit back into them” category.    This was an incredibly difficult process for me.   In my distorted thinking, letting go of these too small items was like saying to myself, “I give up!”   The reality is, if—and it’s a hefty if—I ever get down to my early 2000s weight, I can buy new clothes!   And no, I am not skirting (get it?) over the fact that twenty-year-old items hung in infamy in my closet.   In my defense, I’ve been alive enough decades to know that everything comes back i

Spring Clean Bad Habits

 It takes up to 21 days to unlearn a bad habit.  Start today!

New Year's Resolutions Got Me Wondering . . .

  As 2021 comes to a close, it’s a time when many people make New Year’s Resolutions.  I will lose that 10 pounds I put on during COVID.  I will give up alcohol, sugar and/or caffeine.   I will start a workout routine and get in shape.   (In my best Carrie Bradshaw voice)  “I wondered, has New Year’s Resolutions become more about the tradition, than the intention? Why is it that we wait an entire year to verbalize goals?  Are we simply giving up control of our own destination and making goal-setting a cliché?”   The good news is, people want to make positive changes, right?  The bad news is, statistics show most fail within a couple weeks of making their New Year’s Resolution(s).    The reality is, setting New Year’s Resolutions resembles more of a gesture or statement for change rather than an impetus to change.   Have you ever heard the following quote?  “You are presented two choices in life.  Evolve or repeat.” I think a more accurate variation of this quote would be, “You are pres