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An AHA Moment About Black Lives Matter

  Have you ever had one of those “aha” moments when you least expect it?  It took me 50 years, but I recently had one after reading an article with my son for his English class titled, “A Talk to Teachers” by James Baldwin.  The article was based on a speech that Baldwin addressed to teachers in 1963—years  before I was born—but is just as relevant today—which is telling.  Baldwin, a black novelist and activist, had a deliberate purpose for this speech.  He was asking educators; those that influence the purest of minds, to rise up against all resistance and change the false history and prejudice that is being taught in school about African Americans.  Education in itself is supposed to develop independent thinking, reasoning and judgement in order to fairly and morally access the society in which we live and make needed changes as necessary.   If this is the case, how is it that we continue to address racism as a pesky mosquito whose sole aim is to suck the blood out of white privi

How to Overcome Bad Performance


Wellness Workout Wednesday- Arms/Legs/Abs/Cardio

 Supporting Employee Wellness Through Fitness

Life is Short- Age Gratefully

David Bowie once said, “Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.”   Today I turned 51-years-old and Bowie’s quote really got me thinking.   I joked around the past several months that I was not going to turn 51 this year; because I didn’t even get to celebrate or enjoy 50 due to COVID-19!    Instead, I decided I’d just turn 50 again.   Over the weekend something changed my mind.  I had the opportunity to get away to the coast; just me and my pup.  I seem to do most of my deep thinking during trips to the coast and this one was no different.   Although I suffered some losses this past year and COVID-19 certainly turned my world upside down, I also had the most growth as a human being.  I spent the past 12-months working on me.  Working on my self-worth, my self-esteem—my self-love.  Working on being a better person, better friend and a better leader.  And you have all been a part of my journey through my writing and videos.  This is some

Wellness Workout Wednesday

 I'm learning how to film and edit so I'm not getting these posted on Wednesday.  I will eventually figure all this out, but my goal is always to motivate and inspire so regardless of what day you receive this, know my heart is in my effort. Thank you for your support.  If you could subscribe to my YouTube channel that would be great!

Monday Morning Moment #ChooseHappy

  Coming up with a Motivation Monday this week was difficult as it was on Monday that my Father was laid to rest. Goodbyes are never easy. It seems like I’ve had to do a few of those the past few years. Saying goodbye is a part of life. As you get older, those goodbyes seem to happen more often—at least in the physical sense. I came across this quote by Rumi that says, “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul, there is no separation.” Think about that quote for a moment. Separation is only physical. No one or nothing, including death, can take away what you hold dear in your heart and soul. We have a treasure chest of experiences and memories to cherish long after something ends. Unfortunately, sometimes in life bad things happen. And when bad things happen we want to know, why. “Why me?” Well, why not you? If you are spiritual, you may believe these things happen for a reason and that it is a part of a bigger plan. Scientist

What an Employer or Supervisor Looks For in an Employee

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