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Is What You Want What You Need? A Lesson in Work/Life Economics

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Wellness Wednesday- Fitness Equipment Must Haves

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Monday Moment Parent's Edition

  Me and my 17-year old.  Ya, I know.  He looks like he is in his 20's! "Mason, come here please!” “Mason!  I know you hear me!” “Mason, if I have to get up and go in there!” If you are a parent, you have probably experienced this one-sided exchange with your child at one time or another.  If you were raised in my generation, the request to “come here” was never followed up with a second request—unless you were asking for a whipping.  The first time your request is met with a deafening silence and a ghost-like appearance from your child, you have to make a decision on how to proceed.  A decision that has ramifications—if not dealt with properly.  News Flash:  I didn’t deal with it properly.  “Mason, get in here right now or I am going to whip your butt,” I yell.  “Mom, I heard if you spank your kid, you can go to jail,” replies Mason as he saunters into the kitchen. “Well Mason, challenge accepted.  Let’s find out…”  Of course I couldn’t bring myself to actually spank him so m

A Closed Mouth Is Never Fed

 If you don't ask, you will never know.  Fight through fear of rejection, low self-esteem and lack of confidence and get one step closer to what you deserve.

Sometimes Life is Like a River

  “ Wild rivers are earth’s renegades, defying gravity, dancing to their own tunes, resisting the authority of humans, always chipping away and eventually always winning.”- Richard Bands. During my road trip to Montana, I was able to go on a white water rafting adventure on Still Water River, a tributary of the Yellowstone River.   Still Water is an interesting name, since it was rarely still.   Instead, the rock-bottomed river offered a swift current and rapid white water with frequent drops.   I find that life can be very similar to white water rafting.   If you think about it, our goal on a rafting adventure is to navigate the river in order to get to a destination.   Can’t the same be said of life?   During the trek down the river, we encountered unknown obstacles and challenges that we had to navigate to successfully make it to our final destination without capsizing.   Same can be said about life. There is thrill and fear that gets your adrenaline pumping when your raft

Pose a Solution- Dealing with Conflict

  Pose A Solution- Dealing with Conflict   (click on Link)

Reflection: The Importance of Being Still


Back to Reality- When You Have to Return to Work After Vacation

Sometimes Running Gets You Nowhere

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”   I’ve always been a runner.  It started in high school when I would jog laps upon laps around the high school track to watch my high school boyfriend practice kicking footballs.   I loved how I could control my breathing until I was almost in a relaxed state.  I could run for long distances and would hardly get out of breath.  I would feel pain in my feet, legs and knees long before I would feel any burning in my lungs. Not one for organized sports, I never ran for track or cross country competitively.  Instead, it became a coping mechanisms for my undiagnosed teenage anxiety and depression.   When I was sad or depressed, I would throw on my running shoes and head out to an undetermined destination.  Tears clouding my vision, I would run faster and longer until the sadness dried up and I reached that relaxed state where I had control again. I’ve always been a runner.  I learned quickly that you can run from lots of things without even havi