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Temperature Wars are on the Rise

Q :  Dear Workplace Wonda, There is a war going on in my office and it’s over the temperature of the thermostat.   How do I get staff to call a cease fire on the thermostat so that we can return to a period of peace? Signed, Reluctant Soldier A:   Dear Reluctant Soldier,   Thermostat battles are not only causing a cold war at work, but according to a recent study, one third of couples fight for thermal control at home.   What is it about temperature that gets us so heated?    It comes down to comfort.   And control. Mr. Workplace Wonda came up with a plan to control the temperature of our home that was so dastardly that even a fictional supervillain would be impressed.   After receiving a $700+ electric bill last summer (while the kids were home on summer break), he placed a thermostat control on both air conditioning units that could only be activated through a special code that Mr. Freeze, I mean, Mr. Workplace Wonda operates.     Sounds like a gr