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Silent No More: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Q:   Dear Workplace Wonda, what is the difference between a compliment from a co-worker and something that can be construed as sexual harassment?   It seems like you can’t do or say anything anymore without fear of being accused of sexual harassment.   How can I protect myself? Signed,    Fear of being accused A:   Dear Fear of being accused, Thanks to brave men and women, the lid has been blown off what many have known for years...sexual harassment is still prevalent in the workplace.   Just turn on the news to see the latest outed offender from directors, to politicians, to newscasters.   Say it isn’t so, Matt Lauer!!!    Who’s next, the President of the United States?!  Wink. Not to make light of recent events, but what makes an outwardly respected   and successful 70 year old man present himself to unsuspecting visitors with his twig and berries in full frontal bloom?   Seriously!   This is your pick up line?   Geesh, and I thought the time a guy told me I was