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What to do about Debbie Downers in the Workplace

Q :  Dear Workplace Wonda, I have a co-worker that is very nice, but very cynical- Cynical about the company, cynical about her boss, and definitely cynical about the possibility of things getting better. I want to make our office a more positive place to work, but she is bringing down morale with her "can't do" attitude. Any suggestions? Signed, Can Do Without "Can't Do" Co-worker A : Dear Can Do Without "Can't Do" Co-worker, I feel your pain. Nothing is worse than working with someone who never sees the possibilities. I'm not saying we should go around farting rainbows, but some positivity and hope goes a long way!   One of my all time favorite skits on Saturday Night Live involves a character named Debbie Downer. Debbie is one of those "cynical" people who always kills the fun out of any situation with her negative comments. For example, in one skit, Debbie is at a wedding reception watching the newly marrie