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Wellness Wednesday- Let's Talk Strategy


Monday Morning Reminder of Your Worth

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We All Want and Need a Potty Party

  "If you don't show appreciation to those that deserve it, they'll learn to stop doing the things you appreciate.” - Unknown Appreciation. We all want it.  Appreciation is acknowledgement that what we do, or who we are, brings value to someone or something.  It makes us feel worthy. It makes us feel seen. And it’s often the invisible hand that lifts someone up and inspires them to enrich their lives. It’s truly a wonderful gift to give—and receive. Appreciation. We all need it.  You can research any employee satisfaction survey and appreciation is always one of the top reasons employees choose to stay at an organization—and one of the top reasons employees choose to leave. The want—the need—for appreciation, recognition, acknowledgement and praise—starts at a very young age.  For example, how many of us parents participated in a potty party when our toddler finally went do-do in the toilet instead of on the kitchen floor (ya, it happened!)? “What a big girl (boy),” we’d c