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Who Are You Going to Influence in 2021?

  “ In a world of algorithms, hashtags and followers, know the true importance of human connection .”- Anonymous Have you ever heard the term influencer? In the social media world, an influencer is someone who is shown to be credible in a specific area, whether it be fashion, makeup, gaming, product review, fitness, etc.   They are considered experts in the area they are marketing and have an engaged following (and paying advertisers) to prove it.   Did you know that you don’t need 2 million followers to be an influencer?   You don’t even have to have meaningful content frankly.    My daughter is an artist for a gamer on YouTube who has 4.5 million followers-- who just watch him play video games!   Say what?   Ya, you heard me! Regular Joes-- and Jeanas—just like you and me, have the capacity to influence others.   Not only do we have the capacity, we are doing it every day—sometimes without even knowing it.   Facts!   (Slang I learned on TikTok) No Caps!   (More slang I learne