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When Personal Problems Become Everyone's Problem

Q :  Dear Workplace Wonda,  There is an employee who always seems to bring her personal problems to work.   If she is not talking about them, she is coming in late or calling in sick due to something happening at home.   I know it is none of my business, but it seems like she sucks the air out of our department with her personal problems.   Shouldn’t something be done about this?   Signed, Personally Annoyed A : Dear Personally Annoyed, There is no denying that the struggles and challenges of employees' personal lives can trickle - or gush into the workplace.   Work is a place where we will spend one-third of our lives.   The place where we are expected to be happy, cooperative and professional at all times.   It seems reasonable that personal problems occurring in the remaining two-thirds of our lives could spill into the workplace.   The key to preventing a tidal wave of drama from engulfing your office or department is consistency and compassion .