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Social Voyeur, When Social Media Goes Wrong

Q:   Dear Workplace Wonda , can an employee get disciplined for posting something on their personal social media sites that might be deemed inappropriate by their employer? Signed,  Social Voyeur A:   Dear Social Voyeur,  My answer to your question is it depends .  Wow, that is exactly how a lawyer would answer this question.  Could Workplace Wonda be the Elle Woods of Human Resources?   I do enjoy small dogs, fashion, and can do a mean “bend and snap.”   In that case, let me continue with my argument that it depends .  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more social media platforms have grown out of the need to connect, both personally and professionally.    My first “social” experience was with Facebook.  I joined to “spy,” I mean, to “follow” my teen daughter after I found out she created a “profile” online.   Strangely, as soon as I got on, she got off.  Apparently, nothing makes something suddenly uncool quicker than a parent sending