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Why Can't Supervisor's Walk the Talk?

Dear Workplace Wonda, I have an issue with the hypocrisy that sometimes occurs in my office.   It particularly annoys me when supervisors have completely different rules for themselves than they do for their staff.   Why is this allowed and how can it be changed? Signed,   "Why Can’t Supervisors Walk the Talk?"   Dear "Why Can’t supervisor’s Walk the Talk?," Why?   One of the most asked questions in the world!   Young children love to ask why.   Why is the sky blue?   Why did the chicken cross the road?   Initially, parents think the constant why questions are so cute, “Little Johnnie is so inquisitive, isn’t he adorable?” But very quickly the constant whys force parents to do something they said they would never do!     Repeat an answer formerly used by their parents, “Because I said so!”   Unfortunately, there is not always a satisfying answer to a why question.   My young nephew learned this first hand when he asked my mom the following