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Favoritism in the Workplace: Perception or Fact

Q:  Dear Workplace Wonda, There is an employee in our office that is the obvious “favorite” of the supervisor.  This employee even brags about it in the office.  I don’t know if it’s true, but most of the employees in my office are feeling this way.  How do we let our supervisor know how we are feeling without coming off as petty or jealous? Signed, Proverbial Step-Child A:  Dear Proverbial Step-Child, Favoritism for one employee over another by a supervisor is one of the most common, and often times, false perceptions occurring in the workplace.  Stating that someone is the “favorite” is a pretty subjective comment, unless you can substantiate it or the supervisor admits it.  For example, Workplace Wonda is a HUGE Denver Broncos fan.  My baby brother is a Seattle Seahawks fan, my oldest brother is an Oakland Raiders fan, and my middle brother is a Los Angeles Rams fan.  All of the sudden, my mother who has never been a huge football fan, starts sporting Seattle Seaha