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Dress Code Policy: Searching for Answers

Q: Dear Workplace Wonda, I am a new employee and reviewed our handbook very closely to make sure I am following all the rules and policies. I have noticed that even though the dress code policy is very clear, a lot of people in other departments and divisions do not follow the guidelines. For example, last week on Friday, I noticed several employees wearing tank tops and thong type sandals. I asked my supervisor if I could wear these comfy options and was told “No” because they violate the dress code policy. Is there really a dress code? Or does it come down to who you know? Signed, Searching for Answers Dear Searching for Answers, A: It’s obvious if employees are wearing tank tops and flip flops (or thong sandals) to work, even on casual Friday, the dress code policy has failed! That is, unless you work for Wild Water Adventure Park. This is a dilemma that many employers face each year around this time. As soon as there is an inkling of temperatures hitting the 80’s, clothes sta

Workplace or War Zone- Bullying in the Workplace

Dear Workplace Wonda, I was reading your blog and came across the entry titled, “Bullied to the Bone-Workplace Bullying” and it is pretty sad to know that in situations like these there’s nothing we can do as employees when it comes to being bullied by our boss.   I am constantly talked down to by my boss who feels the need to copy their boss every time I make a mistake.  I hesitate to ask questions or explain myself because communicating with my boss feels like a confrontation, instead of a conversation.   I don’t believe this is a healthy environment working under these circumstances.  You can feel the tension.   In fact, several employees have already quit or transferred because of this bullying boss.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.  Signed, Workplace or War Zone? Dear Workplace or War Zone, first may I say, my heart breaks that you are feeling less than encouraged and engaged in your workplace.  When you think about it, we spend 1/3 of our day at work.  We