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All Partied Out- Gift Giving in the Workplace

Q :  Dear Workplace Wonda, as an office we celebrate staff birthdays. It used to be that everyone chipped in for a card and cake. Then, it became a card, cake, and pizza. Then, it was taking the person out for lunch as a group. Now, it has grown to some staff members giving personal gifts during the birthday celebration. I feel that personal gifts should be saved for after work gatherings instead of during the office celebration. It becomes very awkward when some employees can’t afford, or don’t want to buy, a birthday gift for the individual. What do you do?   Signed, All Partied Out A : Dear All Partied Out, I love birthdays! As a matter of fact, Workplace Wonda just recently celebrated a birthday of her own. Thank you for asking. I don’t want to brag, but I was spoiled rotten by my co-workers. You would have thought that Princess Diana had risen from the dead and was dropping by my office on her way across the pond. Happy Birthday signs were everywhere, includin