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Flaming Mad-Employee Sick of Rude E-mails

Q:   Dear Workplace Wonda, when communicating with a particular co-worker via e-mail, her responses come across as being very rude. I don't know if she doesn't like me, or if she communicates like this with everyone; but I find it extremely unprofessional. I've tried to take the high road and just ignore the responses, but it's difficult not to get drawn in. Help! How do I handle this? Signed, Flaming Mad A :  Dear Flaming Mad, I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE SO UPSET!!!!!!!! Everybody knows the most effective and clear form of communication is through e-mail. Well, apparently not EVERYBODY! In the future, I'd suggest rethinking your question before submitting!    Oh, and by the way, I plan to blind courtesy copy this to everyone, so, no need to respond. Signed, Playing the Flame Game Workplace Wonda is just kidding! But how would you know based on my written word? You wouldn't. And that is the problem with communication in any f