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Caught in the Crossfire- When Employees Spray You with Germs

Q:  Dear Workplace Wonda,   HELP!   We have someone in our office building that doesn’t seem to understand that when people cough, they should, out of respect and consideration to others, COVER THEIR MOUTHS!   Even if the symptoms of the cough aren’t contagious, the fact that spittle can fly through the air at lightning speed with no restraint, and does not take caution to where it will land is just “NASTY!”   Signed, Caught In the Crossfire Dear Caught in the Crossfire, Coughing and sneezing are unfortunate realities in the workplace.   Another reality is that coughs and sneezes spread diseases.   In fact, did you know that droplets can travel 3-12 feet after a cough or sneeze?     So, if you are in close proximity to the cougher or sneezer, it is likely that you will get “caught in the crossfire.”   Here is another fun fact that you might find “sickening.”   A recent study showed that “1 out of 4” people do not cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze.   Apparen