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A Monday Moment - You Are Strong! You Have Control Over What Motivates You

"No one can motivate you to do anything.  You motivate yourself based on information you receive and how directly you can relate it to your own potential achievement." If you ever suffered from depression, finding the motivation, purpose or drive to get out of bed—let alone have a productive day—can seem impossible at times.   For others, the daily ritual of starting the work day can run a gamut of emotions; from anticipation and excitement to apprehension and dread.     Add fear, unemployment, school closures, isolation, protests, riots and the daily grind of life to the mix, finding motivation to do anything can feel impossible. Have you ever asked yourself, “What motivates me to give my very best each day?”   Is it money?   Is it appreciation?   Is it the people you work with?   Is it the customers you serve or service to others?   Is it the feeling of accomplishment?   We all are motivated by one or a combination of reasons that stimulates the reward chemical in our bra