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And the Award Goes to.... Dealing with Drama in the Workplace

Q: Dear Workplace Wonda, I love a good drama, but lately, the drama in my office has been straight from an episode of the Real Housewives of the Central Valley. Jealously, gossiping, and negativity has taken over my office. What can I do to stop all the backstabbing without playing a starring role? Signed, And the Award Goes to… A: Dear, And the Award Goes to…, in a drama, whether it be a book, movie, play, or reality TV show, there is typically a conflict or triggering incident that occurs between two or more characters that ends in a climatic finale, whether good or bad. For example, the reality show The Bachelor hypes every week that there will be "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!" For the two of us who are fans of the show, it usually results in one or two attention-seeking models getting a rose who a) have a drinking problem, b) have posed for a "gentleman’s magazine", or c) are Cuckoo for Coco Puffs! The bachelors’ choices usually re